10 Part Series To Grow Your Martial Arts Business

Check out my 10 Part Series on How To Grow Your Martial Arts Business

Part 1:  Why Don’t Most MMA Gyms Make Money

Part 2:  Your Ads Won’t Work If You Get This Wrong

Part 3:  Why Does A Good Message Transform Your Martial Arts Business

Part 4:  How To Share Your Martial Arts Gym Message

Part 5:  How To Create A Profitable Martial Arts Gym Website

Part 6:  How To Have A Great Martial Arts Facility

Part 7:  How To Have A Great Martial Arts Gym Staff

Part 8:  Improve Your Sales System

Part 9:  3 Ways To Boost Your Martial Arts Income

Part 10:  Key Martial Arts Business Numbers

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Martial Arts Business Numbers

The 4 Key Martial Arts Business Numbers To Track.  The final part of this 10 part series on How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym.


Appointments Scheduled

Appointments Show

Appointments Closed


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The Top 3 Reasons You Suck At Sales

Sales can be a a frustrating part of owning a martial arts school.

You have so many things going on that it’s often a very neglected part of your business.  We see this all the time with our clients.

Don’t worry, I am going to show you 3 ways to get your sales numbers up and grow you school.


1. You Don’t Prospect Enough

You can sell if you have no one to sell to.  Yes, you can get walk in traffic, but to really grow you need to up your marketing game:  Social Media (Organic & Paid), SEO, Adwords, Youtube, Blogging, Rack Cards, Joint Ventures, etc…

Make sure to keep leads coming in so you can schedule more appointments.  Your lead flow is the life blood of your school.  Your school should be the #1 choice in your area.  Educate prospects on how you can help them improve their lives.

2. You Talk Way Too Much

It’s not about YOU.  It is all about THEM.  Find out what brought them in today and listen, really listen to them.  But go a little deeper to find the real reason.  After you find out what brought them in today, ask them why that is important to them and then Shut Up.  When you find out why something is important to them then you can craft a solution to help them reach this goal.

Example:  You said losing some weight is what brought you in today, why is that important to You?  It could be they are too tired to play with their kids or they have high blood pressure and want to be around to watch their kids grow up or they have lost their confidence with all of the extra weight.

Going deeper and listening will help you find out what is really important to them and then you can show them how your school will help them reach this goal.  It’s about so much more than training, by getting to know whats important to your students, you will have them stick around a lot longer.

3. You Do Not Follow Up

Now when you get these 3 sales areas tightened up the next step is to scale and replace yourself.  Write down every thing you do for Prospecting, Closing and Following Up.  Add these to your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).  Now you can train your staff to handle these and you can focus working ON your school.


Work to improve these 3 areas of closing and I guarantee  you will grow your school to the levels you have been dreaming of.

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3 Steps To Getting Better Results With Your Ads

Everyone I talk to wants more traffic and more leads. It’s the life blood of a Business.  You need to get better results with your ads.

If you are running traffic to cold audiences you will see your ad spend keep rising.  The goal is to run traffic to warm audiences so you get better results for less money.

Lets first breakdown these 2 types of traffic.

Cold Traffic:  This is usually someone who doesn’t know you or your business.  You would set up ad targeting to market your ads to people who like MMA or BJJ.  So they have shown an interest in what you offer but don’t know you.  This is casting a wide net.

Warm Traffic:  This is someone who has seen your Business Facebook Page or one of your short and informing videos.  They are more likely to engage with your content.

Better Results With Your Ads

Going forward the goal is to run your ads to Warm Traffic and keep growing your Warm Traffic Audience.

Here is a simple 3 step system to get more quality leads on Facebook.

1. Pixel the pages of your website. Now you can market to everyone who has visited your site.

2. Create an engagement audience of your business page on FB.  You can get very specific with this, but I recommend keeping this one simple to any engagement.

3. Save these 2 audiences into 1 and run your ads to them.  Once you have these audience saved you can easily use it for future ads.

Now your ads are going to Warm Traffic!  This is the best way to get better results with your ads.

Simple and to the point.

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3 Ways To Boost Your Martial Arts Income

No matter how good your gym is doing, there are ways for you to make even more money from your facility to maximize your profits and boost your martial arts income.

Bringing in new members is the lifeblood of your gym. You always need to be adding new students since others will choose to leave, that’s just the nature of the business.

But this is why you need to be marketing and spending money on advertisements consistently. Never back off on this to save money as it will hurt you in the long run.

Martial Arts Income


Boost Your Conversion Rate
Your advertising is going to bring prospects to your gym. You’ve learned that the better you get at signing those prospects up, the more money you’ll make.

What is your conversion rate currently?  Say its an average 50%.  20 intros = 10 new students.

What would just a 10% increase do to your bottom line? 60% 20 intros = 12 new students x 12 months x $150 a month =$3,600 added to your annual sales.  Now imaging what happens when you do this every month and get the percentage over 70%.  Most of my clients are well over 70% conversion rate.

You have to keep training your staff to keep improving this number.

Generate More Repeat Sales
Another key number is your retention rate. Once you’ve got your students, you need to keep them. It’s a lot cheaper to keep a current student than to bring in a new one.

One of the best ways to keep your retention rate nice and high is to keep on top of those daily and monthly SOPs. Also, remember to take an interest in your members: learn their names and smile when they arrive. These little things matter.

As well as offering excellent customer service to keep people spending money with you, you can also offer new experiences and upgrades.

Offer More Services
Let’s be clear, this is not all about raking in cash. You have to genuinely care about your students and have great programs to help them. Everything you charge for has to be good value for money and be delivered to the same high standard.
– Private Lessons
– Events
– Seminars
– Workshops
– Turn Events Into Online Products
– Partner With Local Businesses

These 3 areas will boost your martial arts income but you have to get your students to stay longer.  This is the best way to build a solid foundation to grow on.

Here are some bonus tips to improve your retention
– Care About Your Students
– Talk To Your Students
– Have Member Appreciation Events
– Every Quarter Improve Your Gym Equipment
– Every Quarter Make Cosmetic Improvements To Your Gym

Now go out and Implement to keep improving your Gym and Team.

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Improve Your Sales System To Get More Martial Arts Students

Thanks to the research you’ve done into your avatar and your message, you can hook prospects with your head-turning headlines, persuade them that you are the go-to gym for their requirements with your body copy, and encourage them to contact you with your compelling call to action to book their consultation.

You now get a chance to show them, in person, that your gym is the right fit for them and that they will get them the results that they are looking for.
The rate at which you can convert those visitors into paying members is one of the most important numbers that you have to track for the success of your gym.

Martial Arts Students

The better your conversion rate, the higher your profits.

It’s one of the first numbers I ask for when I go into a gym. You can tell how successful they are based on this and a few other key metrics.

You should aim for an initial consultation conversion rate of 70-80%. Most gyms I start working with are usually around 50% or lower.

Your marketing will affect the number of people who will book a consultation.  So you can never stop marketing and getting better at that skill.

Now you will find out how to communicate with your visitors when they arrive for their session so you can convert more of those leads into paying customers and higher profits.

The Killer Consultation Formula

  1. Have A Strong Greeting
  2. Establish Rapport
  3. Reaffirm What They Told You
  4. Give Them A Tailored Tour Of Your Facility
  5. Fully Understand Their Needs
  6. Decide On The Most Pressing Need
  7. Have A Sit-Down Consultation
  8. Get Their Agreement
  9. Close The Deal

This has a dramatic effect on your profitability, as this example will show.

Numbers can be exciting

Imagine you had a decent month and 20 appointments show up:

  • at 50% conversion, you have 10 new students
  • at 75% conversion you have 15 new students

It doesn’t seem big until you delve into the numbers.

Five extra students per month with a monthly average of $150 is $750. 

If the average student stays seven months, that’s an additional $5,250 to the bottom line. 

Do that every month and you just added $63,000 to your annual sales. Excited now, huh? 

New students are the life blood of your gym.  We wish all students would stay, but the reality is most won’t.  That’s another reason why customer service is huge and having systems in your gym.

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A Few Simple Steps You Can Take To Make Your Gym Better

A Few Simple Steps You Can Take To Make Your Martial Arts Gym Better.

Sometimes running a gym seems completely and utterly overwhelming.

Bills to pay, no leads, taxes, unreliable staff (not all of them…lol) and the list goes on.

Martial Arts Gym Better

Obviously if certain things in your gym were better you’d be a lot HAPPIER. If so lets do something about it.

Let’s break down your gym into 3 areas.

– Culture: What is the vibe in your gym? Does everyone have a positive attitude and happy to be there (instructors included).
– Traffic: Are you getting a steady flow of new leads and students?
– Profits: If your gym is not profitable, your stress levels will never go down. Profits allow you to keep improving the gym and live a life.

Rate each on a scale of 1-5.

Now if your reading this far, I bet some of these numbers are pretty low.
But find the lowest number.

Culture: 1
Traffic: 4
Profits: 2

Find an area where you’re really low and bummed out about it.  Don’t worry, we all have areas that bum us out but I promise when you improve them you will feel so much better.

Now get out a piece of paper and list out 5 things that you could do (be detailed) to improve that number.

I want you to start trying the simplest of those 5 things today and keep doing them until you have implemented all 5.  Cross those off as you complete them and make your martial arts gym better.

This might sound incredibly simple, but try it our RIGHT NOW and see if your gym and life doesn’t start changing one day at a time.

Have a Legendary Week


P.S. For you overachievers go back and update your scores in the 3 areas and work on the new lowest area.   You can keep going back to this list and improving it throughout the year.

How to have 
a great martial arts gym staff

How To Have A Great Martial Arts Gym Staff

This is crucial as you grow your gym. You need good people to help you as you can’t do everything on your own in the long run.

Your staff members are the people who represent you and your gym’s brand and core values on a day-to-day basis. A lot of times they are the first person the prospect will meet.

When I opened my gym, I was a real jack-of-all-trades. After unlocking the doors in the morning, I did everything until I locked them again at night. Doing everything yourself is OK when you’re starting out, but eventually it becomes exhausting and prevents you from growing your gym.

Without good staff, you’ll never scale your business – or take a vacation. Having to cancel classes to go to a tournament or hope for a national holiday to have a day off sucks.

martial arts gym staff

If you are still in the start-up phase and run ragged with endless jobs, don’t worry – you can use my system to fix this.

How great staff help you achieve your goals
As a gym owner, you need to get rid of the menial day-to-day chores so you can focus on growing your business. It’s hard to make sure all the essentials covered and still market and grow your gym. These unskilled jobs are the first tasks you need to pass on to your staff – things like opening and closing the gym, cleaning, basic repairs, putting up photos, handing out flyers and so on.

When you delegate the SOPs you will see how much more smoothly the gym can be run and your stress levels will drop. Spread them out so you are not doing everything – and neither is anyone else.

When you have more help, put someone in charge of customer service so you won’t be the one having to deal with every email, phone call or minor issue. This will also speed up the replies to the students. Often when people get swamped, following up on service emails is one of the last things to get done.

By having a person dedicated to that task, you will see an increase in student satisfaction and retention. This also gives you more time to walk around the gym and interact with your students. The more smiling helpful staff members you have, the better the ambiance.

Remember, your staff are a direct representation of your brand. They relay your message and core values to your prospects and students. Have them wear team gear while teaching and always be courteous and helpful.

How to hire the right people
Please don’t make the mistake of hiring based on technical skill alone. Focus on character traits that you feel are important.

The worst staff members are those who are genius at something specific, but lack people skills and have a lazy attitude. Soft skills can’t always be taught – people either have them or they don’t. Choose cheerful, loyal people with potential and train them up in any specifics they need. They will be eager to learn.

Traits to look for when hiring
Look for people with a positive attitude. This is a big one. Negative people who complain all the time need not apply.
If you’re considering someone you know already, make sure they are known as a friendly person around the gym. See how they interact with other students and prospects on a daily basis.

Another biggie to look for is honesty. Would you trust them to watch your kids or hold onto money for you? The last thing you need is a dishonest person working for you and your brand. If your team is going to gel together then mutual trust is paramount.

How do they come across when you meet them? Are they easy to get along with and fun to be around? What does your gut instinct tell you about them? No doubt students will feel that way too. You don’t have time to train a loner or a bad ass who has no people skills.

How to train people up
Once you have your candidates, it’s down to you to train them to become a valuable part of your gym, either as an instructor or staff member.

Firstly, have everything written down. This should explain everything that needs doing and how you want it done – either in terms of running your facility or running your classes.

You have to be very detailed and clearly break down everything you want to be done, how, when and by whom. Don’t leave any of it to interpretation.
Have two core manuals at your gym – an instructor manual that covers your classes, plus an operations manual that covers how your facility needs to be run.

Your instructor manual needs to detail not only the specifics of what you want taught but also the manner in which you want your classes run. This is vital to maintain the integrity of what you teach. Every instructor wants to teach what they like and that’s not always what beginner students need.

Your operations manual will include the daily and monthly SOPs covered earlier, plus initial consultation forms, accident reports, etc…

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How to have a 
great martial arts facility

How to have a 
great martial arts facility

You have now moved your prospect down the line to becoming a student. But you need to have a fantastic facility that welcomes people.

This is another area that many gym owners overlook. Yes, you want nice mats and equipment, but it goes way beyond that. The ambiance of the place matters too.
You know the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression? It’s true.
How welcoming is your gym? Does it smell good? Do you touch up the paint and replace broken items regularly? The best feeling is when people make their first visit and tell you, “This is way nicer than I expected.”

martial arts facility
Look at your gym it from the eyes, ears and nose of a new person coming in for the first time. Does it smell like sweaty gym socks or something a lot fresher?
Have you ever made an online booking for a hotel and ended up being bitterly disappointed with the place the instant you turn up? You’re like, “This is so not how it looked on the website!”

You know the sort of thing – there’s nobody to greet you so you just stand around looking at stuff to pass the time. Bad stuff. The wallpaper peeling off the wall, the crooked pictures that look about 200 years old, and it smells like a dog peed in the corner.
Eventually, you walk around looking for someone – anyone – who works there who can serve you. This is most definitely not the top dollar experience you thought you were paying for!
Now you’re trying to figure out how to get your money back from the website because you don’t want to stay there.
Does someone’s first experience at your gym resemble this example? I hope not because prospective members will just turn on their heels and head for the hills.
Task 7: Check out the customer experience with other businesses
How well your gym is organized and how you greet and serve people is crucial. To get some ideas on how to get to the next level visit some high-quality venues and use some of their systems.
Apple store
This is one of the cleanest and most organized stores on Earth. Customers are always greeted right away and all of the products are displayed nicely.
They are all about service and making sure you are taken care of. No wonder they make so much money per square foot of retail space.
Five-star hotels
How different are you treated at a five-star hotel versus a two-star? You need to think of your gym this way. Nobody wants a two-star gym but that is what happens if you skip the little things. Start to treat your gym like a five-star hotel and keep looking at ways to improve it.
Mystery shopper
Go a bit ninja and try out other gyms in your area. They can be MMA gyms or regular ones. Book yourself in for a free tour. How are you greeted? How does their place look inside? This is how your prospective customer will be met too. Take notes and make sure you do a better job of it. If you’re worried you’ll get found out, send a friend.
Get on top of maintenance jobs
You should be inspecting your place on a regular basis. Some things will need checking more frequently than others. Divide up what needs to be checked into a monthly and daily list.
These are called standard operating procedures (SOPs). They help you to do things the right way on a consistent basis.
Following SOPs is how big companies like McDonald’s create the same set-up in all their outlets, so customers know exactly what they are getting wherever they are.
Your SOPs will help you to create the same, consistently high level of service and experience in your gym. As well as being great for improving the customer experience, they are great for you too. SOPs are the real secret to scaling your gym and giving you more freedom.
Once the instructions are written down, your staff can help follow them and it takes a lot of weight off your shoulders.

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