Dan Meredith On My Best Selling Book

Dan Meredith On My Best Selling Book

I am lucky to be a private client of Dan Meredith.  Without him, this book would not exist.  Here is the forward that he wrote for my book.  Make sure to read it and then join his Free group Coffee with Dan.  Link is at the bottom.


Are you f*cking kidding me..?’ That, was one of the first things I uttered to Paul on our initial coaching call.

Now, before I go on to explain why this book could perhaps be one of the most powerful in your collection – let me give you a brief background on myself.
My name is Dan and I’m fortunate enough to own a variety of offline and online businesses, be a two-time bestselling author and have one of the most popular groups for entrepreneurs in the world.

I am also very fortunate to mentor Paul.

Dan Meredith

Now, there is one very good reason you should a) read this book cover to cover – and make notes and b) implement everything Paul says.


Because unlike many in the MMA/fighting arts space, Paul does not have a UFC career under his belt. He hadn’t won anything when he was building up his gym from scratch (although he did go on to win a Masters BJJ World Championship in 2014 – 11 years after opening his gym).

But he has built a multiple six-figure empire in the BJJ/MMA space that not only allows his athletes to achieve great success but Paul himself has a life. Seriously, an actual life.

Unlike many in MMA gym owners who rely on their name or accomplishments to try and get business, Paul has learned the hard way what works – and what doesn’t.
The sad fact of the matter is so many martial arts gyms close every year. All those dreams… all that hope… all that money invested… all the time that can’t be brought back. Gone.

Paul can show you step-by-step how not to be one of the gyms that takes someone’s passion and ultimately ends in failure, but instead have a thriving community of athletes who not only love you and your work… but pay the bills and more too!

In closing, if you are passionate about your sport but maybe think you are not a big enough name to ‘make it’ – I’m going to call bullsh*t on that. And if you want the ‘edge’ over your competitors its simple:
Ditch any preconceived ideas or ego. Read this book. Implement. And thank Paul later.

Good luck
Dan Meredith

P.S. Why did I say, ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?’ the first time I spoke to Paul? Simple. Because he wasn’t sure if people wanted to know what he wanted to share. And that’s why you are reading this book right now. I may not be as tough as Paul but I’m a brutal coach – and a little bit of tough love isn’t bad, is it? Ha.

Make sure to check out Dan Meredith’s Free Group to grow your business and change your life.

You can check out my book HERE.

How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym

How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym


How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym

You can grab my book in Print or Kindle on Amazon.

Check out the forward to my book by Dan Meredith HERE.

You can follow Dan and his free group HERE.


How To Open A Profitable Martial Arts Gym

A little story about How To Open A Profitable Martial Arts Gym

My name is Paul Halme and I opened my gym in 2003 as a Brown Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with zero students and tried everything to get my gym to work. Lots of trial and error with so many ups and downs. I had no idea how to open a profitable martial arts gym.  But it was the best decision of my life.

When I opened my gym I was a nobody who had done nothing in the martial arts World. I was competing and training hard but not winning anything. This was a big risk to take but it felt right. I really loved teaching more than competing.

I was holding myself back because in my head I was no one. Then years later I learned that nobody cares about that, its all about what I could do for them.

So many excuses why my gym wasn’t making money. I hadn’t won anything, I couldn’t afford to spend a bunch of money on marketing. So and so is part of a big affiliation.

Getting off to a slow start
The first 2 years was so hard. I wish I would have had someone to help guide me on the journey and point me in the right direction. Having no idea what I was doing, I would put out yard signs and hope people would call.

How To Open A Profitable Martial Arts Gym

I kept working my corporate job as a stock broker to fund my little school. This made for some really long days with a wife and 2 small kids at home. Without this stream of income, my school would have gone under in less than 12 months.

After 2 solid years of working at the gym, I was getting lucky and my gym was growing. I am a numbers guy and set up a plan to leave my good paying job once I knew I could pay all my bills.

I knew my broker’s license wouldn’t expire for 2 years so I could always go back. It was a bit of a safety net. My wife and I talked about it and we decided it was time for me to run my school full time.

The tipping point
In my 4th year, I was making progress but needed help. I went to a Fitness Business Marketing Event hosted by Bedros Keuilian. It was an amazing eye opener. He opened up spots in his mastermind and I jumped all over it.  I finally knew how to open a profitable martial arts gym.

I will never forget calling my wife and telling her I just threw down $10,000 on my credit card for a coaching program that we couldn’t afford yet but I promised her it would work. This was not a conversation I was looking forward to when I got home and hoped to still be married when I got back. And I am happy to say that I got to keep all of my body parts…

He taught me about direct response marketing, systems and internet marketing. I took what he used in the fitness industry and tested it, adapted it, tweaked it and refined it until I created my own systems for my martial arts gym.

Now we were off to the races. My systems transformed my gym and the school was busting at the seams. So I did what any lunatic would do and I decided to open 3 more. I bit that off way too soon but it was a good learning experience.

My next Business Coach was Lloyd Irvin Jr.  He taught me how to get my gym to a level that I never imagined.  The copywritting and Internet Marketing I learned was legendary and got me into info products and Dvds.

Then I studied under Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Dan Meredith and Mitch Miller. I never stopped learning and still belong to various masterminds to improve my systems.

I never stopped learning and still belong to various masterminds to keep growing.

My gym owner lifestyle now
The the gym was profitable enough to let me travel all over the World training and competing. I had unlimited vacation days…lol.  As I improved my systems, my gym became more and more profitable.

This was a big turning point for me. My school was running on all cylinders and I could finally train as much as I wanted to and chase some competition dreams. This culminated in me winning a Master No Gi World Championship at Black Belt!

Now I get to show Martial Arts Gym Owners how they can do the same thing with Combat Business Success!

Check out some client success stories Here

How To Open A Profitable Martial Arts Gym

Version 42.0

Here goes the relaunch of my blog and version 42.0 of me.

I am just wrapping up my birthday week and making some really big life changes. One of those is the relaunch of my blog as a more personal way to document my journey. I tend to hide things that I am doing because of what people might think and judge me.

Crazy how much we worry about what others think.

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Speaking At The Undisputed Leadership Summit

My thoughts on The Undisputed Leadership Summit

Tell Me Why I Should Buy Your Product?

Seriously, you want me to explain this to you…

Sad thing was in the past I would spend a ton of time convincing someone of why they needed what I am offering. Literally explaining it until my head was about to explode like a bag of burning crap left on a porch just waiting for someone to stomp on it.

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Are You Wasting Time On The Hustle?

Think about this, are you wasting time on the Hustle?

It’s all we hear about… But do we really understand it?

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Gold from Gary V

Episode 14 The Biggest Mistake In Marketing Your Product

Yesterday I was lucky enough to interview Mitch Miller. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the most sought out copywriters. I actually just returned from a trip to Thailand for his copywriting event, which was amazing! I learned more about writing during that week than I have pretty much in my whole life. The guy has a knack for getting things done, and going through his process was really amazing, so getting to interview him was a lot of fun.

“The biggest mistake in marketing your product is talking about your product.” I’ll let that sink in for a minute. “The biggest mistake in marketing your product is talking about your product.” This is something we’re all guilty and you see it quite a bit. We want to talk about how our product does this or our product does that, my company does this or my company does that, we won this award or we won that, we did this or we did that when really what your customer wants is what benefits are they going to get from your product and what are the results they can get from your product. Then, after you’ve given them those things, then talk about the product.

Don’t open up with, “Hey, this is (so and so) come join my gym.” People are going to scroll right past that. They’re not going to give it a second chance even though it might’ve had the best bullets and offer at the end. You’ve got to flip it, put the benefits and what they’re going to get in the headline. When you’re writing copy, you’re writing ads. Sit down, take some time, really think about who your avatar is, what they want, what their goals are, what’s holding them back, what are they trying to accomplish and spin that in your copy. Don’t talk about, “Hey, we’ve been around for 15 years and we do this, this, this, this and this.” That’s not going to interest them, especially on Facebook, too, when they’re just scrolling. You have to catch their attention with something, so really take some time and do some research.

When I was at his event in Thailand, we spent an entire day talking about market research and finding out your perfect avatar. That’s 80-90% of what they use, and then they do their copies. They spend a ton of time getting to know the market and the avatar. Then they relate to them and write the ads accordingly. So that was a huge reminder, to get focused on that, when I was interviewing him about that last night. I’m really excited. I can’t wait.

He actually recorded the interview. My audio sucked on my end, so I’ll get it from him. Once I get it from him I’ll share it with you guys, but it has a lot of really good information. I wanted to share this one today with you guys just to think about that, and this goes for any business.

In the interview he talked about even a doctor’s office, how they word things. You can get much better ROI when you’re talking to your customer and not at them. A little food for thought there, so spend a little bit of time, go out there, tweak a few of your headlines, let me know what kind of results you get, and just have an awesome week. It’s Monday so let’s get out there. Let’s crush it. 

Episode 13 Breaking Your Routine

My goal was to never miss a Monday, and I did. You know, I made it 12 episodes, I believe, so not quite – what is that – three months. It was really weird. I could tell it was going to happen, and then it got to the point where I almost missed another episode, because my routine had gotten so jacked up. What happened is, keeping things consistent. I had my routines at home set up, but I really didn’t plan out a good travel routine. I could tell things were kind of falling apart when I did the podcast in Korea. I had some down time, but I could tell this is getting harder to do. Then I did the one in Thailand, and when I got home, I was brain dead, just exhausted. But this is making up an excuse. I should have done it.

There’s really no good excuse for not getting it done, except for looking back at it, you know, it’s when your routine breaks. It’s so easy. It’s a pattern and a habit that I’ve had my whole life. I’m sure you can relate to that, too. It’s like your diet. Once you break your routine on your diet, you know you’re screwed. You break your workout routine, you’re screwed. You have to keep your routines and your habits. It’s like we talked about, a few episodes ago, about the morning routines, and the mini habits.

I had talked to one of my friends at the seminar in San Diego with Tahi Burns. He was telling me how much he enjoyed that episode, and how he’s knocking out like 300 pushups in the morning and 200 at night. You know, he’s 51. He’s in crazy good shape. I was like, “Man. That’s really cool that you’re sticking to that habit.” Then, of course, I missed one of my episodes and broke my habit.

So, what this episode is about is defining your routines and sticking to your habits. When I’m at home, it’s a lot easier for me, because I’ve got things pretty much dialed in the way I want them. I really didn’t plan in advance for what happened when I hit the road. So it was a really good lesson to not do that, because it was funny. I actually planned out my diet better than I normally do on a road trip. Usually, I eat really bad and gain a bunch of weight, but this trip, you know, the two trips I did back-to-back, I ended up losing weight, so I felt good about that, but I didn’t have a plan for getting this part of my life organised and done.

The thing you can learn from this one is develop your routine for when you’re at home, and what you’re doing. You’re to do those things like that, but then also, when you know you’re going to be hitting the road, it takes a little more planning. I thought I could just stick to my routine while on the road, and it didn’t happen. You know, you mix in travel delays, and jet lag, and all these other things where a guy could have recorded the episode days, but I didn’t. I was like, “Oh, I’ll just stick to it, that’s my routine on the road,” and it just didn’t happen.

The thing to take from this episode, like I said, just sticking to what you do, but when you go on the road, you’re going to have to account for some big changes. That can be with your diet. You know, what kind of food are you going to be able to get? Your workouts are going to be affected. Your work’s going to get affected, unless obviously you’re on a work trip. Like for me, these two back-to-back trips were super beneficial work-wise, but for this stuff, it wasn’t. I got a little burned out, and it was crazy, because I was looking at today, and I was like, “Man, I’m going to miss another episode.” It’s like, “No, I’m not. I’m in my routine. Let’s go knock this out. Let’s get it done.”

It would have been so easy just to have been like, “Ah, I’ll just catch up next week and next week,” and then next week never comes. That’s with any of our goals in life, if you want something, you have to stick to it, and make sure you get it done, because once you stop doing things, it’s so easy to not restart them. I mean, I went through that this whole week, like almost dreading getting this done, but I was like, “No, I enjoy this. I’m going to get this done, and crank it out.”

This is Paul. I hope you enjoyed this one. Next week, we’ll be continuously on schedule. Have a great week, get out there, and just crush it.

Thanks for listening to this week’s show. Please make sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes. If you got some value from this podcast, please make sure to share it with your friends. Thanks, and have a great week.

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