Dan Meredith On My Best Selling Book

I am lucky to be a private client of Dan Meredith.  Without him, this book would not exist.  Here is the forward that he wrote for my book.  Make sure to read it and then join his Free group Coffee with Dan.  Link is at the bottom.


Are you f*cking kidding me..?’ That, was one of the first things I uttered to Paul on our initial coaching call.

Now, before I go on to explain why this book could perhaps be one of the most powerful in your collection – let me give you a brief background on myself.
My name is Dan and I’m fortunate enough to own a variety of offline and online businesses, be a two-time bestselling author and have one of the most popular groups for entrepreneurs in the world.

I am also very fortunate to mentor Paul.

Dan Meredith

Now, there is one very good reason you should a) read this book cover to cover – and make notes and b) implement everything Paul says.


Because unlike many in the MMA/fighting arts space, Paul does not have a UFC career under his belt. He hadn’t won anything when he was building up his gym from scratch (although he did go on to win a Masters BJJ World Championship in 2014 – 11 years after opening his gym).

But he has built a multiple six-figure empire in the BJJ/MMA space that not only allows his athletes to achieve great success but Paul himself has a life. Seriously, an actual life.

Unlike many in MMA gym owners who rely on their name or accomplishments to try and get business, Paul has learned the hard way what works – and what doesn’t.
The sad fact of the matter is so many martial arts gyms close every year. All those dreams… all that hope… all that money invested… all the time that can’t be brought back. Gone.

Paul can show you step-by-step how not to be one of the gyms that takes someone’s passion and ultimately ends in failure, but instead have a thriving community of athletes who not only love you and your work… but pay the bills and more too!

In closing, if you are passionate about your sport but maybe think you are not a big enough name to ‘make it’ – I’m going to call bullsh*t on that. And if you want the ‘edge’ over your competitors its simple:
Ditch any preconceived ideas or ego. Read this book. Implement. And thank Paul later.

Good luck
Dan Meredith

P.S. Why did I say, ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?’ the first time I spoke to Paul? Simple. Because he wasn’t sure if people wanted to know what he wanted to share. And that’s why you are reading this book right now. I may not be as tough as Paul but I’m a brutal coach – and a little bit of tough love isn’t bad, is it? Ha.

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