Why don’t most MMA gyms make money?

Are you sick of burning cash on a gym that is going nowhere?

You might be good at what you do and love the sport, but most of the time MMA gym owners do not have the business and marketing systems in place needed to be profitable.

Most of the time those running a gym are pretty good instructors, but that often does not equate to financial success.

Referrals can be huge, but you can’t rely on them alone to build your business. Of course, you have to teach exciting classes but you need more than that to get to the next level.

I see this all the time. People are pumped about the new gym, they put up a few posts on Facebook and then it just dies down.

They don’t have a system to grow their brand.

If you build it, they will not come – unless you let them know.

When I meet with a gym owner, I ask them to show me their marketing strategy, their website and what’s going on in their gym. Then I advise them on what needs attention to boost profits and get things running more smoothly.

That way, you can focus on fixing the weaknesses in turn as soon as possible.

This is the stuff that keeps your business alive. After that, you will look at longer term issues that affect how well your gym runs.

It can be tough reflecting on why your business is struggling but the good news is you have just taken the first step towards fixing the problems with your gym.

Once you know where the weaknesses are, you can use my book to work out how you will solve them.

It certainly wasn’t easy when I started out, but I managed to turn my gym around and set up some new ones.

You can grab a copy of my book at https://www.amazon.com/Make-Money-Your-Martial…/…/1910600180 and start making your gym more profitable today!

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