Welcome to this week’s episode of Momentum Monday. I’m your host, Paul Halme. This week’s episode is a personal one for me and something that I found out the hard way after lots of years of working on the wrong thing. When you’re looking at your business, or even your sales job, anything like that, you have three main areas you’re looking at. You’ve got your market, your message, and your media. One thing I found out the hard way is I spend way too much on mastering the media. Which for me, master the media is first being good at SEO, Google Ad Words, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, even Twitter. Anything like that, that’s all just media. That’s not the biggest piece, and that’s a spot where we spend way too much time trying to generate new leads for business. It’s a big area that slapped me in the face when I was working on some things.

I’m going to spend all of next week at a training, working on focusing on your market and your message, and not thinking about the media or the coaches who are going to be out there and the mentors that I signed up to work with. It’s a huge thing, and they made a really good explanation of it. I wanted you guys to hear this, once you dial in your market and your message, the media doesn’t matter. You can do anything. You could even go and do direct mail, which some people think is dead, but as Facebook ads go up, direct mail is going to become a cheaper option for people.

For me, that’s something I’ve always made the mistake of, spending all my time getting good at the media and a little bit of time on the market and the message. I’m really excited to go and learn. Like I said, part of this Momentum Monday journey is to make me better, and hold me accountable for improving myself and of course helping you guys. I want to see you guys do better and improve yourselves and reach out and crush your goals. I’m super excited to be going to this training, because if you think about it, once you understand who your market is, who you’re trying to target to, who you’re marketing to, then your message becomes easier to make. Then you focus on your message, and now you have your media.

Really, it’s a simple process which I’ve been doing completely backwards, and I’ve done well. I’ve done really well at getting traffic, understanding media buying, things like that. I help a lot of different companies and industries with that, the media. But man, if I can dial in and improve my market and my message a little bit better…hell, even a lot better…it would make a huge difference for myself and also for my clients. I’m super excited to be heading out for that trip, and I can’t complain. It’s in Phuket, Thailand. These guys travel all around, and they don’t sit still too long. It’s pretty exciting to get to go to Phuket. I’ve been there once, and it was an amazing place. This time I’ll spend a week there with some of the brightest marketing and copyrighting minds on earth. I’m super excited. I’ll be doing a lot of recording things from there, getting a lot of video, and posting that up.

Then with the Momentum Monday with Paul Group, I’ll be posting the things that I’m learning in there, and what the experience is like going through this. That way it’s a benefit to you guys, that’s our free group. We have accountability, things like that, but then I also try to teach things in there. I’ll be sharing some of the behind the scenes stuff from my upcoming trip to learning about the market and the message because really if you think about it, the media is the easiest thing. I’m really good at Facebook ads and really good at Google ads, but anybody can get good at those things. Spend hours studying, finding out how people study, and it’s easy. You can master Facebook ads in no time, but what’s your conversion rates from there? If your market and your message is off, it’s not going to matter how good your ad is because it’s not going to relate.

It’s like running ads for “hey, we’ve got the best MMA team, and we’re going to have to spar and punch you in the face,” for a bunch of 40-year-old dudes who want to do Jiu Jitsu to get in shape. You have to understand your market and your message. I’m very excited about that, and will be heading out next week. I will be putting up some updates from the trip and also the things I’m learning. Hopefully this helps you out in your business and in your life. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur. If you’re a salesperson, it’s understanding who you’re selling to. What you’re selling needs to match the demographic, the market you’re going after. You can relate this to anything.

Hope you got a lot out of this. It’s another short podcast. I need to get some interviews in here, I’ll have to squeeze them in. I’ve been super busy with last week. I started the personal development 90-day project which was an insane amount of time, took up my entire week. I don’t know how many hours I logged in on that, but it was really good at helping me understand what I’m trying to do and what I want to accomplish. Then now I’m heading out to this copyrighting and marketing training. I wouldn’t even call it a seminar. It’s going to be hands-on training with some of the brightest people that I’ve ever met. I’m super excited about that. I hope you guys have a great week. Stay tuned for next week’s episode. Get out there and keep crushing it.