I’m on my way to Phuket, Thailand to go through a writing and copywriting course to get better at writing words on paper. It’s one of my biggest weaknesses that I really wanted to work on this year. I found this event and there’s people flying in from all over the world. Some of the best writers and copywriters in the world basically. So I’m going to go to this and spend the next week here trying to refine that skill. I’m super excited.

Right now I’m on a layover in South Korea, but I know I either have to get this podcast done or miss a Monday, and I don’t want to do that.  This is my first time. I’m actually excited to be in Seoul. It’s pretty cool. Usually when I fly to Asia, I always fly to Hong Kong because they’ve got an awesome Admiral’s Club where you can hang out, but this time I wanted to try something different…and there’s a new plane! I’m a plane dork, so I try to book my flights based on what kind of plane you can get on, and American’s got a new 787-9 which flies to Seoul. I didn’t plan it out the best, though. They don’t honor the AA Advantage Admiral’s Club access, so I’m just stuck in the airport which isn’t a big deal, but you get kind of pampered when you’ve been to Hong Kong so many times. You can shower … after a 15 hour flight, you can imagine how much better that would feel than what I feel like right now.

But that’s okay, I’ll just power through it. I’ve got another six hour flight to Phuket and then I start the course. But it’s kind of good too, it gives you a feeling of … makes you appreciate things sometimes when you get them taken away from you. So I wasn’t able to get a shower, you look forward to that after you’ve done this trip a few times because it’s kind of a beating.

But yes, I’m headed for Phuket, working on getting better at writing, things like that. It’s a main goal, to finish my book this year. The good thing for me, part of the pre-work training was that they wanted us to list the best part that we’re good at in our writing.

I was talking with Travis Lutter, my best friend, and he knows more about my writing than anybody. He kind of joked around saying that mine is very direct, to the point, and gets my point across. Which when I write things, I write them way too short. I don’t go in depth enough, and don’t tell a good enough story. Things like that. I have a lot to learn, and a lot to improve on. So, that’s why I’m heading out to this event. I’m really looking forward to it.

This year, I wrote down some of the areas of my life that I really need to improve and get better at, and this was definitely one of them. My writing is, by far, the area I needed to improve in the most so I can hit my goal, and get my book finished before November. I have a lot of time, but I have to put a lot of work in to get better at writing, and also improving in the other areas that I’m not good at. I already have the skill sets in various other business aspects, but I want to improve in the ones I’m not so great at.

This is something you can take a look at, too. What is an area in your business, or your job, that you can improve to get better results? It can be anything. It can be something small, or something big. I would say start small and build up from there. Then go and write that down, make it a goal to work on over the next 90 days. If you’re in sales, figure out where your weakest point is in sales. If you’re in management, where’s your weakest point in management? If you own your own business, what’s the biggest hole right now? Is it sales? Is it retention? Is it marketing?

Make a plan to work on that for 90 consistent days. That’s what I’m doing in this self-development program. It’s a 90 day plan for going through and fixing weaknesses. I’m pretty excited about it. A lot of times we don’t want to face our weaknesses, we just want to push through and work on our strengths. Same thing even in Jiu Jitsu, a lot of times we don’t want to work our bad positions, or techniques we’re not good at. We want to keep doing the things we’re good at. So business life, Jiu Jitsu, it all kind of blends together. It’s the same thing. Obviously work on your strengths, but improve your weaknesses too.

That’s it for this week. For some cool stuff, make sure to follow me on Instagram at paul.halme and see what’s going on in Phuket this week. I’m going get a lot of behind the scenes videos and pictures to share. Hopefully, it’ll be nice out so we can see some cool stuff and check it out.

Have a great day, keep out there and keep crushing your week!

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