Yesterday I was lucky enough to interview Mitch Miller. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the most sought out copywriters. I actually just returned from a trip to Thailand for his copywriting event, which was amazing! I learned more about writing during that week than I have pretty much in my whole life. The guy has a knack for getting things done, and going through his process was really amazing, so getting to interview him was a lot of fun.

“The biggest mistake in marketing your product is talking about your product.” I’ll let that sink in for a minute. “The biggest mistake in marketing your product is talking about your product.” This is something we’re all guilty and you see it quite a bit. We want to talk about how our product does this or our product does that, my company does this or my company does that, we won this award or we won that, we did this or we did that when really what your customer wants is what benefits are they going to get from your product and what are the results they can get from your product. Then, after you’ve given them those things, then talk about the product.

Don’t open up with, “Hey, this is (so and so) come join my gym.” People are going to scroll right past that. They’re not going to give it a second chance even though it might’ve had the best bullets and offer at the end. You’ve got to flip it, put the benefits and what they’re going to get in the headline. When you’re writing copy, you’re writing ads. Sit down, take some time, really think about who your avatar is, what they want, what their goals are, what’s holding them back, what are they trying to accomplish and spin that in your copy. Don’t talk about, “Hey, we’ve been around for 15 years and we do this, this, this, this and this.” That’s not going to interest them, especially on Facebook, too, when they’re just scrolling. You have to catch their attention with something, so really take some time and do some research.

When I was at his event in Thailand, we spent an entire day talking about market research and finding out your perfect avatar. That’s 80-90% of what they use, and then they do their copies. They spend a ton of time getting to know the market and the avatar. Then they relate to them and write the ads accordingly. So that was a huge reminder, to get focused on that, when I was interviewing him about that last night. I’m really excited. I can’t wait.

He actually recorded the interview. My audio sucked on my end, so I’ll get it from him. Once I get it from him I’ll share it with you guys, but it has a lot of really good information. I wanted to share this one today with you guys just to think about that, and this goes for any business.

In the interview he talked about even a doctor’s office, how they word things. You can get much better ROI when you’re talking to your customer and not at them. A little food for thought there, so spend a little bit of time, go out there, tweak a few of your headlines, let me know what kind of results you get, and just have an awesome week. It’s Monday so let’s get out there. Let’s crush it.