Hello, and welcome to Momentum Monday. I’m your host Paul Halme. This week we’re going to be talking about setting up morning routines, and how that will help you be more successful. One thing I did a lot in 2016, more than I did in any other year, I read more than I ever have. I was reading most of the books around entrepreneurship, business, mindset, and personal development. I noticed a common theme, that a lot of guys were talking about their morning routines, and how it helped them be more successful. I looked at mine, and my morning routine was shit, honestly. I would do whatever, spend way too much time on Facebook, and not get through the things I needed to get done.

I started looking at doing a morning routine, but what’s the best way to do it? Who does this, who does that? Jocko…if you follow him he gets up way too early, I can’t do that. I was trying to find my happy medium and then I stumbled across a book, it was called How To Be Fucking Awesome by Dan Meredith. It’s a really good book about being successful overall. When you get to the productivity chapter, he goes into depth about planning things like that, how the morning routine is so important, and the things he does. I started emulating some of the things he does, and then changing things the way I’d do it. It tied things together for me where I could go through and get my morning routine done.

I started doing that, and as the routine builds, I feel like I get way more stuff done. I’m way more productive and I usually have a better day. I’m going to share with you guys some of the things that I do, and some of the things I recommend that you do, to be more successful, get more done, and not feel like you’re having to do a million things. One thing I picked up by having a morning routine is that my stress level has gone down a little bit because I’m knocking things out earlier; and I don’t have to sit there and worry about it until the end of the day.

One thing that has made the biggest impact for me is don’t grab your phone and get on Facebook first thing in the morning. I know probably almost everybody does that. It’s a very common thing. You want to grab your phone, go on Facebook, check your email, and you end up going down the rabbit hole. Then you’re like “oh my God, I have to get to work” or “I have to get to my office,” and you’ve got nothing done. A good trick is to wake up early. You don’t have to get up at 4:30 in the morning, but find the time.

Even if you only get up five minutes earlier, or 10 minutes earlier, or whatever it is. Start small, like a mini-habit, and then build up bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, so you can get things done. If you try to do a two hour productivity block before you go to work, you’re going to quit after a couple days. So just start off with something simple and something easy. Get up in the morning and stay off Facebook, at least for the first 30 minutes.

Okay, I’m going to give you a way you can get a whole bunch of stuff done in a little bit of time:
Get up in the morning, but don’t get on your phone yet. Walk over to the coffee pot, and fire up your coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, then drink tea, or whatever. Drink a couple glasses of water before your coffee. Get lots of water in. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…you’ll feel better and healthier, so make sure you hydrate.

Then while the coffee’s brewing, drop down and knock out five, 10, 100, or however many pushups you can do, and then do some squats. Get the blood pumping, and your mind fired up. Then what I do is I go…I will grab my phone, still stay off Facebook, but go to my app, and check bank account. Okay, what bills need to be paid today? All right got that done, that done, that done, boom, okay, good. Done, bills are paid. I know what I need to get done today financially.

Then what I’ll do is I’ll be on my phone still, but I won’t go into the Facebook app. I’ll go into the Facebook groups app. The big difference with that is there’s no news feed. It’s basically each group, there’s a feed in each group but it’s just about that group. So I follow certain groups, entrepreneurs, and then I have my own group that I run, Momentum Monday with Paul. You can go in there, see what’s going on, update things, get some motivation, get the day going, and see what guys in other groups are doing. Some of the groups I follow, they’re out of the country. So there’s the one in England, the coffee with Dan one, that are six hours ahead. You realize people are already doing stuff, and you start feeling more productive. Then I get useful information I need to review and things that I can get done.

Next for me is get the kids off to school. I have to get rid of them, no I’m just kidding, but get the kids off to school so then things settle down a little bit and I can process and think. What I’ll do after that is grab a book, I recommend this over and over again. Audio books are great, but you don’t retain as much, I definitely don’t. So grab a book and start reading. You don’t have to read a whole chapter but just read 10 pages. Read the book, and get comfortable with it. It can be different subject matter but get comfortable with reading 10 pages a day. It’s not going to take that long.

The next thing that was a really big shift for me is writing in a journal. Basically, there’s a different process that some people do, huge data dumps. Do different things like that, which we talk about in the compound effect. Building these habits are going to help push you to that next level that you want to get to. When I write in my journal, I want to simplify it and not write down a hundred things that I need to do. I’ll ask myself ‘what’s the one thing that I have to get done today that will make this day successful?’ If it wasn’t for that one thing I have to get done…obviously, I’ll get a lot more done than that, but if I know I’ll get this one thing done today, today was a success.

Another thing that really helps is to write down what you’re grateful for. When you’re having a crap day, or you’re stressed out, things like that…just write down a couple of sentences about what you’re grateful for, what you’re happy for in your life. It really changes your attitude on things when you look at how you might not be where you want to be yet, but maybe you have a great spouse, or great kids, or you’re really proud of the weight you lost, things like that. Just be grateful. It puts you in a much better tone for the day.

Now what I’ll do is hop on my email. I’ll check my email, send some off, and reply to any important emails that I have. Then at this time I will get on Facebook because everybody does. One thing that has helped a lot, I try to stay off the timeline and just check my notifications. I check my notifications and review those because that’s usually something that’s important that I need to get done. Then you can jump on, if you have time. I know a lot of you are going to be rushing now like ‘okay, it’s time to drive to work’ or ‘it’s time to flip open the laptop and get to work’ if you’re an entrepreneur working from home or you have to get to the office and start cranking out some work.

One thing I’ve noticed, when I follow this routine I get way more shit done. I’m way less stressed out. I feel more successful. I feel more in control of what I need to get done. So that’s basically my morning routine. You can tweak it, change it, think it’s stupid, whatever, however you want to do yours but seriously man, just start off with like a five minute routine. I promise you that it will make you feel so much better.

Then once you get five minutes down go to ten, go to fifteen, go to twenty because when you don’t get all these little things done early in the day you just feel so rushed, so pressured. We’re dealing with pressure and stress all the time so work to do that. That’s my challenge. Shoot me a message, let me know, just tell me, hey, I got my five minute routine done or my 10 minute routine done or post it in our group that we have, the Facebook group Momentum Monday with Paul.

I want to see everybody be more successful. I want to be around more successful people so let’s all just keep pushing, keep working to get better and keep doing the best job that we can in the chosen area we’re working on at the time. It could be health, could be fitness, could be finance, could be your job, whatever it is. Develop a morning routine and get after it and next week got a really good interview coming up for you guys so stay tuned for next week. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast obviously, we really appreciate it. Then make sure to share us with people you think that might help them. Let’s keep making everybody a little bit better and kicking ass in 2017. Take care, I’m your host Paul Halme and this was another episode of Momentum Monday.