Here is the next video in our BJJ Road To Blue Belt Course.How to recover from a missed arm bar and hit the triangle!If your opponent counters your arm bar, make sure to keep the leg pressure to keep them trapped in the guard.Never let go of your shin until you have your ankles crossed, you have to keep the pressure.To get the finish not only do you squeeze with your hamstrings, but you try to drive your knees together and believe me you will get way more submissions with this finishing pressure.When you are drilling it make sure to get in at least 100 reps on each side each week. An easy way to do this is to write down in your training journal the moves you are working on this week and make sure to get your extra reps in addition to your regular training.Make sure to fill out the form below to get Free access to our course.Don’t forget to opt in to our Free Online Training to get access to the entire course at