Seriously, you want me to explain this to you…

Sad thing was in the past I would spend a ton of time convincing someone of why they needed what I am offering. Literally explaining it until my head was about to explode like a bag of burning crap left on a porch just waiting for someone to stomp on it.

At Mitch Miller’s Copywriting Event in Thailand, I was explaining this to him and his answer to me was “Why would you do that, sounds tiring”. Once that punch in the face sunk in the game changed.

Over the last year and a half of consulting for gym owners, I have developed an ability to segment the levels pretty quick.

It’s not their fault, there are levels to this and I have been through them all over the last 14 years.
Level 1: Explain to me why this is important and then watch them do something different. Often referred to as an askhole.

Level 2: Ok, I know I need to change up the way I run my gym but I am going to take baby steps and do it my way. This is good though because they are moving past being an askhole. I was a huge askhole back in the day and suffered for it. A lot of gym owners get stuck at this level.

Level 3: Hey, your gym is doing really good and I want to implement some of your systems. I call this the getting our of your way level. This is the most fun level.

I got to the 3rd Level by stalking Alan Belcher and going to his gym to learn his systems. He had the balance that I wanted. I didn’t want to hustle my face off but I wanted a better gym. Now we work together to improve our systems for ourselves and our clients with the systems Ninja Amy Bisaro Magers.

I don’t have to waste valuable time explaining my systems and products. Once I know what level they are on I will make a recommendation that I think will help them get to the next level and not worry about the resistance. If they are not ready, they are not ready. Understanding this lowered my blood pressure…lol

Ok, end of my rant. But seriously getting out of your way is the fast track to getting where you want to go.