Here goes the relaunch of my blog and version 42.0 of me.

I am just wrapping up my birthday week and making some really big life changes. One of those is the relaunch of my blog as a more personal way to document my journey. I tend to hide things that I am doing because of what people might think and judge me.

Crazy how much we worry about what others think.

After watching my little sister die of complications from an aneurism I realized I was running out of time. We are all going to die, its the only guarantee in life (besides taxes, but don’t get me started on that). So I decided to start living now and not worry so much.

Instead of hiding what I do I am going to show you how I get so much done and how you can too. But one warning, you will have to do the work!

Right now I am a part of 3 Core Businesses and finishing up my book.
1. Peak MMA
2. Combat Business Success
3. MMA Funnels

I have learned that you really need to get your time management under control to get the essentials done without stressing yourself out. I write out my daily plan everyday and look for ways to tweak it and optimize it.

One of my biggest goals is to get up earlier and have all the major things I need done that day by 9am. That way if my day goes to shit, I still have finished all of the must do’s on my list. I challenge you to implement this right away and let me know how it goes for you.

There is no way I could have finished my book without having my time management under control. This has been a 12 week process of writing or editing almost everyday, over 37,000 words. And honestly I am scared to release it. It’s crazy how much we judge ourselves.

This upcoming week is huge for my business development and I will have a big announcement to make about what I have been working on besides my book!

We are building some big momentum.

Now if I could just get some momentum with my diet…lol.