Think about this, are you wasting time on the Hustle?

It’s all we hear about… But do we really understand it?

I know I had it all wrong. I would hustle with the best of them, long hours, stress and health issues as a result.
Don’t get me wrong, you have to hustle but you need to focus on the right things.

You have to build a strong TEAM around you. I learned this from Alan Belcher. I would rather do everything because I thought no one could do it as good as me.

When I finally pulled my head out of my ass and hired a GM my life changed.

Is my GM as good as me?? Hell No… nobody will be as good as you in your head but are they good enough to help grow your business? Thats all they need to be if they follow your systems.

This was reaffirmed yesterday in our Ignited Coaching program where Alan shared a video where he interviewed Alex Charfen. This dude is a master at building Teams and scaling businesses.

That interview opened my eyes even further to the possibilities for my gym.

We are as good as our TEAM.

Don’t waste time, start building your team today.