Episode 14 The Biggest Mistake In Marketing Your Product

Yesterday I was lucky enough to interview Mitch Miller. If you don’t know him, he’s one of the most sought out copywriters. I actually just returned from a trip to Thailand for his copywriting event, which was amazing! I learned more about writing during that week than I have pretty much in my whole life. The guy has a knack for getting things done, and going through his process was really amazing, so getting to interview him was a lot

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Episode 13 Breaking Your Routine

My goal was to never miss a Monday, and I did. You know, I made it 12 episodes, I believe, so not quite – what is that – three months. It was really weird. I could tell it was going to happen, and then it got to the point where I almost missed another episode, because my routine had gotten so jacked up. What happened is, keeping things consistent. I had my routines at home set up, but I really

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The most common question.

Connect On Facebook The most common question I get asked.  How do I get more traffic to my business? Watch the video and learn.

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