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My Thoughts On The Muster | Jocko Willnik

I was fortunate to attend the Muster 03 with Jocko Willnik and his team in Austin, Texas this week.

I attend a lot of different events and this ones was as high quality as any of them.  The venue was amazing, registration was fast and simple and the content was on point.  These 2 days were all about becoming a better leader and decision maker.

Day 1


Day 2

After the event was over we all went and trained Jiu-Jitsu!  This was really cool because about 50 people were on the mats for the first time trying it out.  Jocko is really doing a great job introducing people to Jiu-Jitsu.

It was a big group so Matt asked Jocko if we could help out and work with the new people since there were so many.  This was a lot of fun getting to work with people who have never trained and see their eyes open up to what Jiu-Jitsu has to offer.

I had the most fun showing some BJJ to David Berke (Top Gun Instructor). I have a huge obsession with planes and I got to use part of his presentation as to how it relates to BJJ.  He laughed and seemed to get a kick out of it.

Week 26: Back home and back to my routine

In a mastermind I am in we were challenged to improve our morning routine everyday. Optimize it and get more done by 9am. I feel like my content schedule is finally coming together, just a few more tweaks.

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What a week, getting my daily routine down

4 flights, lots of airport delays, 1 webinar, 7 hours of video, 1 tropical storm, Q3 planned out, lots of Muay Thai fights and much more in this week’s blog…

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Version 42.0

Here goes the relaunch of my blog and version 42.0 of me.

I am just wrapping up my birthday week and making some really big life changes. One of those is the relaunch of my blog as a more personal way to document my journey. I tend to hide things that I am doing because of what people might think and judge me.

Crazy how much we worry about what others think.

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Speaking At The Undisputed Leadership Summit

My thoughts on The Undisputed Leadership Summit

Tell Me Why I Should Buy Your Product?

Seriously, you want me to explain this to you…

Sad thing was in the past I would spend a ton of time convincing someone of why they needed what I am offering. Literally explaining it until my head was about to explode like a bag of burning crap left on a porch just waiting for someone to stomp on it.

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Are You Wasting Time On The Hustle?

Think about this, are you wasting time on the Hustle?

It’s all we hear about… But do we really understand it?

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Good stuff today, made some progress!

Good stuff today, made some progress!

UFC Weekend!

UFC Weekend!

The Thursday push!

The Thursday push!

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